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CAIVCost As An Independent Variable
CAIVCold Adapted Influenza Vaccine
CAIVConfederacion de Asociaciones Israelitas de Venezuela (Spanish: Confederation of Jewish Associations of Venezuela; Venezuela)
CAIVContent-based Access of Image and Video (IEEE workshop)
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In addition, the data offered quite a few other interesting perspectives as well, especially in the way PMs view LCCM and CAIV regarding cost-containment principles.
The CAIV plan would include cost goals for unit production cost and operation and support costs.
These KPPs typically represent minimum or threshold performance requirements that are not considered for trade-off during CAIV analyses.
The question here is whether the shortfalls can be traded for strengths in a CAIV analysis.
Since Chavez came to power in 1999, AJC, through its Latino and Latin American Institute, has stayed in close touch with CAIV leaders, organized several solidarity missions to Caracas, encouraged wider support for the community, and hosted Venezuelan Jewish leaders at AJC conferences in the United States.
By 1998, success on this program and others resulted in the Navy recognizing Raytheon's CAIV process as an industry best practice.