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The CAJT Real-Time System (RTS) and platform has been designed to allow charter customers, both nationally and internationally, to book private charter in a real-time environment without the traditional hassles of brokerage-type booking.
Jordan will lead the CAJT Board of Advisors in their ongoing efforts to meet the challenges resulting from the tremendous growth of the company, utilizing his vast knowledge and experience of the industry.
CAJT has received good funds and completed the described charter flights that collectively equal the stated revenue figures.
CAJT additionally announced that CharterX, which had recently composed an article regarding CAJT, has retracted the article and is no longer commenting on the CAJT organization.
PINK SHEETS: CAJT), an online innovator of private jet travel and charter, announced today that it has captured its largest charter partnership as New World Aviation (NWA), a nationally recognized charter operator, charter management and aircraft maintenance organization, has entered into a charter partnership joining the CAJT flight reservation platform.
We are excited to have entered into agreement with CAJT and are thoroughly optimistic about the future of our two organizations," stated Anthony Linder, Director of Business Development, JetSmart, Inc.
The CAJT organization as well as its online flight-platform has experienced tremendous growth.
As previously released, CAJT revenue forecasts as well as bottom line profits will increase notably as every charter flight booked on all described aircraft inventories renders profitable results to the CAJT organization.
BA and AJS will utilize the CAJT reservation tool and its marketing exposure to optimize its fleet with maximum charter potential.
Increased aircraft fleets leads to higher bookings, which essentially leads to notable increases in the bottom line profits of the CAJT organization.