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CAKCDk Activating Kinase
CAKCentraal Administratie Kantoor (Dutch organisation for financing of special health care costs and institutions)
CAKControlled-Atmosphere Killing (animal slaughter method)
CAKChristian Academy of Knoxville
CAKCenter for Afrikansk Kulturformidling (Norwegian: Center for African Culture)
CAKAkron/Canton, OH, USA - Akron-Canton Regional Airport (Airport Code)
CAKCentra Aplikované Kybernetiky (Czech: Center for Applied Cybernetics)
CAKCard Authentication Key (electronic security)
CAKCardiology Associates of Kentucky (Lexington, KY)
CAKCentre Angevin de Karaté Do (French martial arts school)
CAKCarcinome Adénoïde Kystique (French: Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma)
CAKChristopher Allen Kirkpatrick (NSYNC)
CAKConcept Assessment Kit (educational tool)
CAKClub d'Astronomie de Kintzheim (French: Kintzheim Astronomy Club; Kintzheim, France)
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In addition, CAK systems improve food safety by preventing birds from being soaked in fecal material in the feather-removal tanks-the result of entering the scalding water alive, a cruel fate that awaits as many as one million birds every year according to the USDA.
There is a huge untapped opportunity to expand the brand into the food, home and lifestyle space," CAK Entertainment's Chairman and CEO Charles Koppelman said.
Les actuels dirigeants, avec a leur tete le sympathique Ouaba Brahim, lui-meme ancien joueur du CAK et mordu du football, devront accorder une attention particuliere aux anciens joueurs actuellement, ages et sans aucune ressource, afin que le cas inquietant et alarmant de feu TONI ne se reproduira jamais.
When added to Southwest's current lineup of important business destinations from CAK C New York, Boston, and Atlanta C Washington D.
We will continue to work with our airline partners to offer exceptional service to the destinations travellers in Northeast Ohio want most and we are committed to enhancing our facilities both inside and out, in keeping with our CAK 2018 capital improvement plan.
CAK intends to select a supplier for a twin data center and data connections.
Simply show your electronic boarding pass to simplify your CAK travel experience.
For the month, nearly 160,000 Customers flew in/out of CAK, airline operators said.
To celebrate the largest single conversion from AirTran Airways to Southwest Airlines, CAK and Southwest officials will hold a British invasion themed press conference and all day long gate party on June 9[sup.
Performing collection and bailiff services for the CAK.
It is also a part of CAK 2018 the airport's 10-year, $110 million capital improvement plan.
This project affects all preparations for the transfer of the civil regulations of the Institute for the Care CAK.