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CAKCDk Activating Kinase
CAKCentraal Administratie Kantoor (Dutch organisation for financing of special health care costs and institutions)
CAKControlled-Atmosphere Killing (animal slaughter method)
CAKChristian Academy of Knoxville
CAKCenter for Afrikansk Kulturformidling (Norwegian: Center for African Culture)
CAKAkron/Canton, OH, USA - Akron-Canton Regional Airport (Airport Code)
CAKCentra Aplikované Kybernetiky (Czech: Center for Applied Cybernetics)
CAKCard Authentication Key (electronic security)
CAKCardiology Associates of Kentucky (Lexington, KY)
CAKCentre Angevin de Karaté Do (French martial arts school)
CAKCarcinome Adénoïde Kystique (French: Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma)
CAKChristopher Allen Kirkpatrick (NSYNC)
CAKConcept Assessment Kit (educational tool)
CAKClub d'Astronomie de Kintzheim (French: Kintzheim Astronomy Club; Kintzheim, France)
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However, the deal got into trouble locally when the CAK cited Ipsos for failing to seek approval, setting up the company's directors for heavy fines and potential jail terms.
Since Equity Bank's Finserve Africa was first granted a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) by CAK in February 2014 to issue the razor-thin SIM cards, controversy has been brewing.
En un video que desde luego no muestra su rostro, CAK, el argentino que resquebrajo por si solito todo un partido, declara en tono muy pensativo: "Al final del Corazon de las tinieblas de Conrad se ubica el personaje que mi compatriota Jose Luis Borgues llama en su prologo 'el abominable Kurtz' .
CAK execs say the TVT transaction marks the first time a firm that is "actively engaged in the exploitation of rights" has secured asset-backed financing and that the deal was "infinitely more complex than anything previously structured in this asset class.
The Court also last week ordered CAK to restore the channels, but this has yet to be done.
Le CAK qui se trouve toujours en lute acharnee pour assurer le maintien en Division 1 a laquelle il venait de mettre le pas pour la premiere fois de son histoire, avait tout recemment eu le luxe de battre des equipes de tailles dont celle du DHJ (1-0) tout en restant sur un match nul precieux a Fes devant le MAS (1-1).
Rick McQueen, the airport president and chief executive officer, said, 'Customers continue to try CAK for the first time.
He adds his siblings have locked him out of the proposed merger deal with Nakumatt, despite his consent as a Tuskys shareholder being mandatory before such a transaction can be approved by the CAK.
In response to Mr Mugweru's objection, the CAK asked Tuskys to resolve internal shareholder wrangles if it wished to have the merger application considered.
Apres ce nul, le CAK reste avant dernier (15 pts) alors que l'OCS, auteur de son 5e nul (6 victoires, 7 defaites) occupe seul la 9e place (23 pts).
CAK airfield and operations passed with flying colors.
We will continue to work with our airline partners to offer exceptional service to the destinations travellers in Northeast Ohio want most and we are committed to enhancing our facilities both inside and out, in keeping with our CAK 2018 capital improvement plan.