CAKICassin's Kingbird (bird species Tyrannus vociferans)
CAKICleveland Area Knowledge Industry (Ohio)
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We're proud to receive the CAKI Award for innovative use of technology.
For more information about the CAKI Awards, visit http://www.
The CAKI Awards celebrate excellence and innovation in Northeast Ohio's technology community and provide an exceptional opportunity to broadcast to the world the success stories that abound in our region.
The CAKI Awards are an excellent way to elevate Northeast Ohio's image as a technology center," said James Cookinham, NEOSA President.
CAKI Awards winners will be featured in a special section of Crains Cleveland Business on September 15 and honored at a Celebration Event on September 16.
On Friday, November 8, these six CAKI winners will be recognized at an awards celebration at the Great Lakes Science Center from 6:30 to 9:30 p.
The CAKI Awards showcase technology products and projects and recognize both promising and established IT companies in the region.
While we at NEOSA are familiar with many of the region's innovative and progressive IT companies and initiatives, we're always impressed at the ever-increasing level of sophistication of the companies, programs and products for which we receive CAKI Award nominations.
The 2002 CAKI Awards winners will be showcased in a special CAKI Awards pullout section of the November 4th edition of Crain's Cleveland Business and recognized at the 2002 CAKI Awards Celebration event at the Great Lakes Science Center on Friday, November 8th.