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CALCICommunity Access To Local Catchment Information
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Afterhyperpolarization events are calci urn-dependent processes that increase in duration and decrease neuronal excitability in aged brain cells.
Spesso queste lesioni non vengono prese in considerazione nella diagnosi differenziale delle cause del dolore all'inguine, ma un alto livello di sospetto deve essere mantenuto, anche quando la radiologia convenzionale e negativa, in particolare negli atleti che praticano sport caratterizzati da torsioni, rotazioni, calci, elevati carichi, rapidi cambiamenti di direzione o che riferiscono un esordio traumatico.
The attributions are convincing, and it was satisfying to be able to recognise recurring iconographic and stylistic features on the crucifixes and Maestas by artists such as Enrico di Tedice, Ugolino di Tedice and the Maestro di Calci.
The Handy Calci, according to Anoom, was inspired by the ancient African counting method that consists of two cardboard numbered hands that allows young people and adults to calculate multiplication tables with ease.
The contract relates to the method of awarding separate collection of municipal solid waste and other waste management services in the territory of the municipalities of Pisa west and more specifically in the municipalities of Calci, Cascina, Pisa, San Giuliano Terme, Vecchiano and Vicopisano.
Mi andava sbattendo contro i muri, che sembrava uno che pigliasse a calci una vescia.
l'aveva presa a calci e schiaffi, perche voleva sapere cosa cazzo aveva in piU di lui quella specie di ballerino negro" (230; "he dragged her by the hair through the puddles and parked cars [.
19) Poccetti spent most of the 1590s working for various Carthusian houses, including the Certosa of Galluzzo, the Certosa of Pontignano (Siena), and the Certosa of Calci (Pisa).
Chi striglia il suo cavallo, non si puo chiamare mozzo di stalla: bisogna aiutarsi a calci e a denti; e chi per altri lavora, mangia per se.
Calci went on to win two Listed events, including the Premio Principe Amedeo over a mile and a half of this course, in which he beat two of today's rivals, Tipetto Ganzo and Salass.
But she took the step up in both distance and class in her stride, moving smoothly past the long-time leader, Calci, at the quarter-mile pole and staying on strongly to beat that rival by three and a quarter lengths.