CALCMConventional Air-Launched Cruise Missile (US DoD)
CALCMComputer Architecture Lab at Carnegie Mellon (Pittsburgh, PA)
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The CALCM program only was intended to fill the gap until the new ERCM was available.
Boeing had planned to participate in the ERCM competition with a new-production variant of CALCM.
The Air Combat Commands cruise-missile acquisition plan--aimed to replace the ERCM program--is considering two options: a new CALCM proposed by Boeing and an upgraded version of the Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile (JASSM), made by Lockheed Martin Corp.
According to Moore, the Air Force is completing an "analysis of alternatives" on JASSM-ER and CALCM.
Boeing Selects Lockheed Martin to Provide CALCM Hard-Target Warhead," Boeing Company news release, 2 December 1999, http://www.
18) Consequently, the proposed arsenal aircraft may prove too vulnerable and expensive, given the limitations of standoff weapons, the B-52's ability to carry 16 CALCMs, the B-1's payload of 24 Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missiles, and the growing number of Navy platforms employing cruise missiles.
IEC developed the CRPA that is the basis of the anti-jam system on the CALCM.
CALCMs permit the United States to target any adversary asset anywhere in the Western Pacific, as well as on most of mainland East Asia.
Tomahawks navigated by terrain-contour matching (Tercom) with digital scene-matching area correlation (Dsmac) in the terminal phase, while the Calcms used less accurate GPS/INS.
As mentioned earlier, in 1986 Boeing was awarded a contract to convert a limited number of nuclear-tipped AGM-86B Alcms into AGM-86C Calcms with blast-fragmentation warheads.
In 1999, Boeing received two contracts for kits to convert 322 more Alcms to Calcms (95 of which were to replace missiles expended in Operation Desert Fox in 1998).