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CALDCulturally and Linguistically Diverse
CALDCallidus Software Inc. (stock symbol)
CALDCouncil of Asian Liberals and Democrats
CALDCenter for Automated Learning and Discovery (School of Computer Science, Carnegie-Mellon)
CALDCentre d'Amélioration du Logement de la Drôme (French: Drôme Housing Improvement Center; Valence, Drôme, France)
CALDCellular Automata-Based Laser Dynamics (distributed computing)
CALDComputer-Aided Logic Design
CALDCertified Accounting and Leadership Design (Jefferson City, MO)
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The event brought together established CALD community organisations to share their experiences and strategies for managing gambling harm.
24, welcomed the statements of CALD representatives.
This exceeds the pre-defined interim efficacy benchmark for the study of MFD-free survival of 76%, derived from the literature and based on clinical data from an earlier observational study describing that natural history of CALD and outcomes from allogeneic HSCT.
For both university staff and field supervisors, there are additional cognitive and affective demands of intercultural competence necessary for effective approaches to teaching and learning and the supervision of CALD students in the field.
According to the eCALD website, having a culturally competent workforces is a way of addressing issues of equality and health disparities of CALD groups.
There are large proportions of people from CALD backgrounds living in North Queensland (see Table 1).
Some in vivo quotes will be used in appropriate sections of the literature review to highlight links between the concerns expressed by CALD nurses and published views regarding clinical decision making.
31, convenors of the CALD Women's Caucus visited De Lima to check on her condition as a "prisoner of conscience" and discussed with her the deteriorating human rights situation in the country.
Among many other aspects, Ip and Grocke investigate the types of songs used in music therapy groups involving multiple CALD clients.
We implore the courts to rule on the petitions of Senator De Lima in accordance with the right to fair and speedy trial, which is recognized in both the Philippine constitution and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), where the Philippines is a contracting party,' said CALD Women's Caucus Chair Jayanthi Balaguru, who is also a litigator in Malaysia.
there is a gap in knowledge in this area; volunteering and giving are important drivers of social cohesion in Australia; the significant philanthropic and volunteering activity in CALD and Indigenous communities is often under-reported and poorly understood by mainstream organisations, policy makers and academics; there are a number of barriers to volunteering and giving among CALD and Indigenous groups; there are opportunities for volunteer involving organisations to engage more effectively.