CALDBCalibration Database
CALDBCulturally and Linguistically Diverse Background
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Overall, the CALDB found in favour of 20, out of 25, of ASIC's contentions.
ASIC Senior Executive Leader, Insolvency Practitioners, Adrian Brown said, CALDB found that Mr Fiorentino failed to properly investigate ERB s affairs where CALDB described pre-appointment dealings as a phoenix transaction.
During the course of the CALDB proceedings, Mr Fiorentino made a number of unsuccessful applications to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (T), the Federal Court of Australia and the Supreme Court of New South Wales.
Mr Fernandez, who the CALDB suspended in 2005 (refer: 05-69), has the right to appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal for a review of the CALDB s decision.
Two confidential matters referred to the CALDB regarding practitioners alleged misconduct