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CALFComputer Assisted Learning Facility (various locations)
CALFCommon Affordable Lightweight Fighter
CALFCarol Anne Letheren Foundation (women's sport scholarship program; Toronto, Canada)
CALFCentre d'Apprentissage de la Langue Française (French: French Language Learning Center)
CALFCapital Area Local First (Michigan)
CALFChart Amendment Low Flying (aviation; various nations)
CALFCampaign Against Live Freight
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So we was all right now, as to the shirt and the sheet and the spoon and the candles, by the help of the calf and the rats and the mixed-up counting; and as to the candlestick, it warn't no consequence, it would blow over by and by.
Mynheer Calf, too, becomes Monsieur de Veau in the like manner; he is Saxon when he requires tendance, and takes a Norman name when he becomes matter of enjoyment.
Of course, when I use these words, I do not mean to apply them to La Carlotta, who sings like a squirt and who ought never to have been allowed to leave the Ambassadeurs and the Cafe Jacquin; nor to La Sorelli, who owes her success mainly to the coach-builders; nor to little Jammes, who dances like a calf in a field.
Then she gave him to my steward, and told him to look after a calf she had bought.
It was sinewy, with a thick projecting calf like a sailor's.
Now and then another trunk would run out to touch him, and once a playful calf grasped his legs and upset him.
But this programme was not to be begun before evening - not till just before dinner, indeed, at which meal the reassembled family were to sit roseate, and the best wine, the modern fatted calf, should flow for the prodigal's return.
Wagons had never been seen by them before, and they examined them with the greatest minuteness; but the calf was the peculiar object of their admiration.
Not as I wish to speak disrespectful o' them as have got the power i' their hands, but it's more than flesh and blood 'ull bear sometimes, to be toiling and striving, and up early and down late, and hardly sleeping a wink when you lie down for thinking as the cheese may swell, or the cows may slip their calf, or the wheat may grow green again i' the sheaf--and after all, at th' end o' the year, it's like as if you'd been cooking a feast and had got the smell of it for your pains.
And in a thicket, new-born, wet with moisture of birth, lay a day-old calf of the herd whose mother had died.
Gazing at the enormous, imposing person who was his father, he would simply wait with wide open eyes--eyes that reminded Martin of a calf begging for a bucket of milk.
Listen, I have a good idea, there is our gossip the carpenter, he shall make us a wooden calf, and paint it brown, so that it looks like any other, and in time it will certainly get big and be a cow.