CALFEDCollaboration Among State and Federal Agencies to Improve California’s Water Supply
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Marci Coglianese, Member of the CALFED Bay-Delta Public Advisory Committee; former mayor and council member of the City of Rio Vista, and former member of the Delta Protection Commission and Solana Land Trust.
Establishing a new process for overseeing and funding restoration efforts allows CALFED to focus directly on endangered and listed species that are of the greatest concern and cause the most conflict in the Bay-Delta.
I remain a believer in the concept of CALFED as one who can testify to its accomplishments and as one who believes reforms are urgently needed if it is to survive and fulfill its promise," Hall told the commissioners.
As an association of major employers, the Bay Area Council has been involved in California water policy issues during the last two decades, and since 1994, has been deeply engaged in the CALFED Bay-Delta Program.
With a renewed federal commitment to the goals of CALFED, HR 2828 could bring California back from the water supply crisis that we are on the brink of today.
We (Interior) share with many of you a very strong desire to see Congress authorize the CALFED program," Norton said, acknowledging that the Senate legislation for reauthorization, which was passed this week, is not likely to be finalized this year.
The CALFED language was part of seven-bill omnibus package adopted by the Senate as the 107th Congress winds down its session for the year.
Senator Feinstein and Representative Calvert have worked tirelessly to secure the authority and funding needed to allow CALFED to move forward," Boatmun said.
On Wednesday, the Resources Committee will markup Congressman Ken Calvert's legislation (HR3208) to re-authorize the CALFED program.
Recognized as the most comprehensive water management and ecosystem restoration program ever to be undertaken in the United States, the CALFED Bay-Delta Program encompasses multiple, multi-phase watershed projects that will span more than 40,000 square miles throughout California.
Hall noted that the CALFED program would begin recovery of the one million acre-feet of water supply lost to cities and farms over the past decade due to increasing environmental uses, and would help keep pace with California's growing population.
A solution to problems in the San Francisco/San Joaquin Bay Delta is due from CALFED this year.