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CALICenter for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction
CALICalifornia Association of Licensed Investigators
CALIChromophore-Assisted Laser Inactivation
CALICalifornia National Historic Trail (US National Park Service)
CALIConsortium of Arid Lands Institutions
CALICovert Action Laser Illuminator (feature of EO/IR sensor)
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We have a group of documents that shows Cali contracting to acquire her particular commodity.
88) On the two other occasions of charters of sale being recorded in Bocontolo's register, Cali sold a quantity of silk to someone in one contract and probably a kind of textile in another.
Cali appears as the investor in sixteen contracts for sea loans, eight of which were subsequently canceled after her death.
How many other women were as evidently active as Cali in selling wine and other goods at retail?
2r: Cali, widow of Andreas Agapito, 29 August 1347, not.
33r-33v: contracts between Andrea Geno and Stamata, wife of Petrus Scorda; Sofia Andrigena and Eudochia Sclavunena, mercatrices; Anica Clostomalena, mercatrix; Eugenia Gradenigena, calogrea, Cali Trivisadena and Marula Chericudena, mercatrix; Caterina Murtato, mercatrix; Potha Ghacarena, mercatrix; Maria Caurilopula, calogrea; Cali Fradelena; Herini Cutralena.
33v-34r, 6 October 1399, contracts between Andreas Geno and: Maria Turlopula; Heleni Musurachi and Herini Gligorena, mercatrices; Maria Vlachena and Cali Cortacena, mercatrices; Maria Pagomeni; Thomasina Dancona; Ergina Vonale, mercatrix; Call Scordilena; Erini Viturena; Maria Ricena; Maria Vlachena, calogrea, Sofia Calarina and Stamata Foscolo; Maria Sclavena and Anica Sugetena, mercatrix; Sofia da Mulina, calogrea; Marula Gisena.
62 Calinichi Samea: "Item debeo recipere a Gregorio Anafioti et Cali, uxore eius, iperpera novem et dimidium, que diversis vicibys eis mutuavi.
Cali Taliapetra, a monaca, lent interest-free the relatively large sum of 100 perperi to Jacobus Taliapetra, who was no doubt her kin.
73 Cali, widow of Andrea Agapito, 29 August 1347, loc.