CALISChina Academic Library & Information System (cooperative library cataloging system)
CALISComputer-Assisted Learning for Information Searching
CALISCovariance Analysis of Linear Structural Equations (SAS procedure)
CALISCenter for Active Learning in International Studies (University of Southern California)
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Three types of criteria available in PROC CALIS were used to determine the fit between the proposed path model and the data: (1) [chi square]/df < 2.
Confirmatory Factor Analysis: The SAS PROC CALIS procedure was conducted using the previously described holdout sample (n = 915).
We conducted confirmatory factor analysis using the CALIS procedure available in SAS for Windows, release 8 (SAS Institute 1990).
1 system's PROC CALIS, in which the data were entered as a covariance matrix.
SAS Technical Report P-200: SAS/STAT Software: CALIS and LOGISTIC Procedures, Release 6.
SAS technical report P200, SAS/STAT software: CALIS and LOGISTIC procedures, release 6.
The CALIS agreement, which is Wiley's first Enhanced Access License in China, has already resulted in a dramatic increase in the number of visits to Wiley InterScience from users in China.
BuyinGuide was created by Tom Fair, a former business consultant for Duke University's CALIS (Computer-Assisted Language Instruction System) project, retail electronics store owner, and computer consultant to many small businesses.