CALMETComputer Aided Learning In Meteorology
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In this work, a CALMET diagnostic model nested to WRF model simulation is evaluated by comparison to both surface and upper air measurements, along specific periods.
A virtual community is a place where agents share and exchange knowledge (Maret and Calmet, 2009).
Dom Augustin Calmet, in his Traite sur les apparitions des Esprits, et sur les vampires ou le revenans de Hongrie, de Moravie, &c (1746), documented hundreds of cases of vampirism, and though he did not pronounce them authentic, neither did he dismiss them.
whatever the Cabalists may say to the contrary, I will venture to affirm that the Great Society was understood neither by Peregrinus, nor Cornelius Agrippa, nor Celsus, nor Jamblicus, nor Porphyry, nor Don Calmet, nor Raymond Lully, nor even the divine Aureolus-Theophrastus-Bombastus-Paracelsus.
This blood-sucking monster has a literary tradition in Argentina that dates to arrival in 1753 of the complete works of Calmet at the Colegio de San Ignacio, and their later dissemination in Cordoba and Mendoza (Ferro 110).
The model can use three dimensional meteorological fields developed by the CALMET model or, simple single station winds in a format consistent with the meteorological files used to drive the ISCST3 model [28].
Calmet L, Regalado M, Guevara M Influencia de la risoterapia en las caracteristicas psicologicas y sociales del nino escolar hospitalizado.
Section 20(b) reiterates this position and provides that an agreement may be formed where all parties to a transaction or either one of them uses an electronic agent (the legal issues are compounded where both parties use electronic agents--see Cevenini, 2003, pp 21-32; Calmet & Endsuleit, 2004, pp 181-184; Boella & Van den Torre, 2004, pp 65-80).
She lost and kept on puffing like Jeanne Calmet the world's oldest woman who was still trying to give up cigarettes when she died at 122.
In this paper, we describe the use of Grid Computing technology, optimising the results obtained from some meteorological and dispersion models coupled in cascade: RAMS [5], CALMET [6], CALPUFF [7] and CALGRID [8].
Luzmila Pro, Zoraida Mamani, Roberto Calmet, Luz Del Pino *