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He examined the nature of CalPERS activism and analyzed the gains of such actions linked to the 115 firms named to the pension fund's Focus List from 1992 to 2005.
CalPERS officials say they don't know how much is lost to fraud, but estimate that uncovering just one bogus claim from a young applicant, say someone under 30, can save about $300,000.
Commenting on the selection, Richard Marin, chairman and chief executive officer of Bear Stearns Asset Management, said, "We view our selection as a strategic advisor in the spring fed pool to CalPERS as further evidence of the significantly enhanced risk management capability Bear Measurisk adds for the management and selection of hedge fund of fund products.
Using larger firms and more aggressive money managers CalPERS hopes to bring in an additional $140 million return on the $7.
CalPERS investments in real estate, private equity and international stocks were the main performance drivers during the year.
Since 1992, the retirement system has committed $475 million to financing 5,200 single-family homes and has thus created nearly 2,500 jobs annually in construction and sales, CalPERS spokesman Pacheco said.
The Board President oversees the board's conduct of business, sets meeting schedules and agendas with input from other Board Members and executive staff, makes appointments to Board policy committees, and represents CalPERS to outside parties.
We expect environmental corporate stewardship to play a greater role in corporate governance over the next ten years," said Priya Mathur, Vice Chair of CalPERS Investment Committee.
Under proposed legislation, existing public employees would remain in the present program, which guarantees retirement allowances set by formulas and financed mainly by returns on CalPERS investments.
This rating validates that CalPERS is a healthy, strong retirement system and a great investment for California," said Mark Anson, CalPERS Chief Investment Officer.
Terri has the respect of our Board, Executive Officers, Health staff, and constituents as an able administrator who knows the health care industry and the CalPERS Health Benefits Program inside and out," Grevious said.
It is clear that Social Security needs to be reformed, but privatization is not the answer," said Rob Feckner, Vice President of the CalPERS Board.