CALPIRGCalifornia Public Interest Research Group
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Other endorsers include the United Farm Workers, the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement, the Harvey Milk Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual Democratic Club, Dolores Huerta, former senator and presidential candidate John Ander son, San Francisco's district attorney, the San Francisco Tenants Union, the Green Party, CALPIRG, the Black Leadership Forum, the African American Business and Community Development PAC, Pride at Work, and many more.
Preference voting won endorsement from the San Francisco Democratic Party, the most important endorsement in the city, and endorsements from the San Francisco Examiner, the largest labor unions in the Bay area (including SEIU Locals 790 and 250 and the ILWU), the Police Officers Association, the United Farm Workers, National Organization for Women (NOW), Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW), MALDEF, Harvey Milk Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual Democratic Club, Dolores Huerta, San Francisco's district attorney Terrance Hallinan, Tenants Union, Green Party, CALPIRG, the Black Leadership Forum, African American Business and Community Development PAC, Pride At Work and many more.
in Bruin Plaza on the UCLA campus, sponsored by UCLA CALPIRG (California Public Interest Resource Group), the Institute for the Environment, Reef Check, the Environmental Coalition, and the Sustainability Coalition, among others.
There was an initiative promoted by CALPIRG [California Public Interest Research Group] that would have required candidates to limit three-fourths all their fundraising to the particular district in which they were running.
According to CALPIRG, the STAR Act could increase the amount of federal student aid funding available per year by up to $3 billion, enough to give every Pell Grant recipient $600 more.
Holding together the coalitions necessary to qualify measures for the ballot and to win the ensuing campaigns can also be difficult, as evidenced by the split between CALPIRG and Common Cause in California.
American Lung Association of California, CALPIRG, Union of Concerned Scientists, and Planning and Conservation League are part of the California ZEV Alliance, a coalition of health, environmental and public interest groups working together to support the state's ZEV Program.
What we found is what students already know: Textbook prices are increasing and publishers' gimmicks are causing the problem,'' Mark Thornton, CALPIRG state chairman, told a news conference Thursday at the University of California, Los Angeles.
28, 1998--Eighteen months after helping co-found the "ATM No Surcharge Alliance," Sanwa Bank California Monday joined with the public-interest group CALPIRG and members of San Francisco's municipal government to publicly proclaim its renewed support of the alliance and its consumer-friendly goals.
In addition to TURN, Consumers Union, CALPIRG, Californians Against Utility Taxes, and Public Media Center will participate in the process.