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CALRComputer Assisted Legal Research
CALRComputer-Assisted Legal Research
CALRComputer-Aided Legal Research
CALRCalifornia Association of Licensed Repossessors
CALRConseil Académique des Langues Régionales (French: Academic Council of Regional Languages)
CALRChapter Advocacy Liaison Recognition (healthcare)
CALRCommunauté d'Agglomération de La Rochelle (French: Agglomeration Community of La Rochelle; La Rochelle, France)
CALRCoalition for Access to Legal Resources
CALRReserve Calibration
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But obviously attending courses, reading newsletters and publications, and paying attention to the news about CALR services is only half the battle.
Having said the preceding, it is important to note that in some instances dedicated terminals are the preferred method of use by many CALR users.
Many CALR services index the entire text of their records.
Much of today's hype about law office automation, and about CALR services in particular, needs to be examined and placed in proper perspective.
The participants of the Political Working Group exchanged views on the future implementation of the so-called Steinmeier formula, amnesty, local elections and the special status of CADR and CALR as stipulated by the Minsk Agreements.
26,27) Testing of CALR was performed using DNA extracted from peripheral blood or bone marrow and analyzed for insertions or deletions in exon 9 using fluorescent polymerase chain reaction (PCR) followed by fragment analysis.
Of the 36 types of insertions and deletions identified, type 1 (a 52-base pair deletion) and type 2 (a 5-base pair insertion) mutations account for >80% of CALR mutations.
The design of a multiple drug combination for treating stage 1 bladder cancer depends on a strategy of inhibiting the highly expressed genes ADRM1, COPS5, PSMD8, SUMO2, CALR, PDIA3, DNAJB11, HSPA5, RPN1, CUL1, HSP90B1, KPNA2, PSMD12, ECT2, TK1, TUBA1C, HN1, and ENO1; activating the suppressed genes UBC, JUN, RARRES3, and FOS; and suppressing the drug's effect on the nondifferentially expressed genes BAG6, HUWE1, PAAF1, PSMD10, FAF2, PCYT1A, and PSMD10.
Justamente en la nueva normativa de la CALR se echaba en falta una regulacion para el procedimiento de solicitud y obtencion de la declaracion de notorio arraigo (cfr.
Although how CALR mutations contribute to the pathogenesis of MPN remain elusive at present, these mutations have been shown to induce the activation of STAT5.
In most ET and PMF cases with non-mutated janus kinus 2 gene (JAK2), the presence of CALR mutations have recently been detected and used to evaluate patient risk and outcomes.
Revers, Candy, Points, and Highlighters: Why Librarians, Not Vendors, Should Teach CALR to First-Year Students, 99 LAW LIBR.