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CALTCentre for Advanced Learning Technologies (France)
CALTCanadian Association of Law Teachers (Canada)
CALTCertified Academic Language Therapist (dyslexia)
CALTCalifornia Towhee (bird species)
CALTCommittee for the Advancement of Learning and Teaching
CALTCivil Affairs Liaison Team
CALTConjunctival-Associated Lymphoid Tissue
CALTClearance Altitude
CALTControl Altitude
CALTCalibrated Accelerated Life Testing
CALTContract Administration Lead Time
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69) A CALT Report published in 1985 pursued similar recommendations (with slight variations in the composition of the nominating committees), and in 1988, as outlined above, the advisory committees were adopted by the Mulroney government.
36) See "Report of CALT Panel on Supreme Court Appointments", online: Canadian Association of Law Teachers <http://www.
limited number of examples of CALT tests presented in the chapter leave
CASLA have the potential to allow CALL, CALT, and CASLR to gain deeper
But the importance of the CJC, the CBA, and the CALT presuming to act corporately in the name of all cannot be over-stated.
lang=E&item=1273>; Canadian Association of Law Teachers, Press Release, "CALT dismayed by cuts to Court Challenges Program and the Law Commission of Canada" (October 2006), online: CALT <http://www.
In CALT we have found a solid and experienced partner with whom we will take advantage of that growth and with whom we will achieve a substantial position in the local market".
Commenting on the JV Mr Han Shuwang, Vice President of CALT said: ""EWT's technology is the most outstanding currently available in the market.