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CALTECHCalifornia Institute of Technology (Pasadena, CA)
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5 million initiative is one of the largest corporate sponsored research projects Caltech has undertaken in recent years.
Phil Callaghan, managing director of Caltech IT Ltd in Batley
Biochemical systems with artificial intelligence-or at least some basic, decision-making capabilities-could have powerful applications in medicine, chemistry, and biological research," stated Caltech in a press release.
Under the new agreement, Caltech and the DWP will construct a "Sustainable Technology Demonstration Building" that will showcase methods, products and technologies to reduce energy and water use.
Caltech even flirted with the idea of discontinuing its NCAA athletics--a proposal that was quickly denied with the help of Caltech athletics' many supporters.
Contact: Robert Tindol, Caltech, phone 626-395-3631, e-mail tindol@caltech.
Iain Kerr, chief executive of the British Limousin Cattle Society, said: "We have been talking to a number of potential sponsors and we are delighted that Caltech has made an early commitment to be a major supporter of the event.
ABOUT APIX Analytical Pixels technology ("APIX") was created in 2011 to manufacture and sell Gas Chromatography products based on the research conducted jointly by the CEA (France) and Caltech (USA).
In addition to serving on the Caltech Board of Trustees, he sits on the boards of Huntington Memorial Hospital, KCET, and the RAND Corporation.
Rob Walwyn, project manager at Caltech, said: "Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides high value for our customers.
The work is extremely solid and very interesting," Dan Geschwind, a UCLA neurogeneticist, said of the work by the Caltech team.