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CAMELCustomized Applications for Mobile Network Enhanced Logic
CAMELCapital Adequacy, Asset Quality, Management, Earnings and Liquidity
CAMELCall Management Language
CAMELCritical Aeronautical Material/Equipment List
CAMELComponent and Material Evaluation Loop
CAMELCustomer Loan Centre
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The camel milk has antitumor activity also and a natural
The camel milk has antitumor activity also and a natural cure for skin, heart, acne, eczema and hepatitis C, he said added that vitamin C was more than 300 percent in camel milk when it was compared to cow milk.
With 10 times higher iron content and three times more vitamin C than in cow milk, camel milk is surfacing as a new superfood promising health benefits.
The King Abdul Aziz Festival Camel Competition, often known as Miss Camel, this year is a new celebration of the past and of the present time and organisers promptly dismiss claims the festival is merely a celebration of the past and is not connected with present times.
If a camel is involved in an accident, the owner can be held responsible and sued for all damages and, of course, fatalities.
At the heart of the festival is, of course, the much-loved and celebrated camel, reflecting the uniting role the camel has played for the Saudi kingdom and the Gulf throughout history.
Over the years, camel milk has gained in popularity, due to its reportedly beneficial effects.
Khartoum, 23, 11, 2017-(SUNA)- In Sudan, there is long-stand attention of breeding camels.
Based on special camel milk properties, a foolproof procedure of collection, transportation, treatment and packaging has to be developed.
Camel milk contains high levels of GABA (Gamma-Amino Butyric Acid), which is essential for helping the brain to function properly.
Seeklus is shopping for a ranch outside of Las Vegas, where he wants to move half his camel herd by this winter.
Among these customs and traditions is camel summer break period, locally called (Maqydhat Al Hijin), which is especially concerned with camel bred for sports, especially those taking part in different races or events.