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CAMERACommittee for Accurate Middle East Reporting In America
CAMERAComputational Algorithm for Missile Exhaust Radiation
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As the camera of the Heat-Ray hit the water, the latter had immediately flashed into steam.
But the very next time I showed my nose outside I heard a camera click as I passed, and the fiend was a person with velvet eyes.
She looked at him with a sort of queenly woodenness, as if he were behind a camera with a velvet bag over his head and had just told her to moisten the lips with the tip of the tongue.
It's the principle of the pneumatic instantaneous shutter for a camera lens.
I got it out, and boiled one of my cameras, but the thing was a failure; it made the wood swell up and burst, and I could not see that the lenses were any better than they were before.
The cases of ammunition and of food were scattered about in a wild litter, together with our unfortunate cameras and plate-carriers, but none of them were missing.
His assistant struggles in a sea of aggressive young men carrying note-books or upholding cameras and wearing bowler hats and enterprising ties.
There were books, rifles, revolvers, ammunition, cameras, chemicals, telephones, telegraph instruments, wire, tool and more books--books upon every subject under the sun.
The house was constantly besieged by reporters, who were consistently denied admission, but who continued to haunt the village and the grounds, where they lay in wait with cameras, for any unwary members of the household.
Although the EesyShare printer dock is small enough to be portable for special occasions, it also can be connected to a computer to offer the benefits of an EasyShare camera dock, including one-touch picture transfer to computer and battery recharging.
The digital revolution in Japan began with what traditional camera makers called the "Sony shock" in 1981.
Digital camera usage increases analytical skills and can be used as a means of assessing student performance.