CAMHSChild & Adolescent Mental Health Service
CAMHSChild and Adolescent Mental Health Services (UK)
CAMHSCompact Automatic Message Handling System
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the level of CAMHS provision is not sufficient to meet the needs of young people in Wales who need a specialist, medical service.
A Welsh Government spokesman said one quarter of referrals to CAMHS are redirected because they are inappropriate for the specialist service.
Our CAMHS across the trust are working very hard to reduce waiting times and make sure children and young people are assessed as soon as possible.
The overall vision is to create a transitional service which is embedded into the adult eating disorders service and actively reaches into and co-works with colleagues from CAMHS services.
CAMHS, part of HMC's Mental Health Services officially opened at Muaither Complex 2 in April this year, and the centre is achieving great success in providing much-needed mental healthcare to young patients aged up to 18 years.
The inquiry report's key recommendations include that children and young people should get access to appropriate mental health services in a timely way, with an emphasis on arrangements for access to CAMHS on an emergency basis and out of hours, and transition from child to adult services.
This is in part because of changes made in 2012 to CAMHS services, which now provide care for young people up until their 18th birthday.
This raises the question of whether CAMHS occupational therapists need to be equally familiar with assessment and treatment interventions for this population.
In general, services for CAMHS have yet to mushroom in the landscape.
This situation arises not because CAMHS are indifferent to children's needs or set out to be awkward, but because it is often the case that what is making life difficult for foster carers and perceived as a threat to placement stability is not seen as a priority.
A new CAMHS unit opened in North Wales earlier this year and the Mental Health (Wales) Measure includes CAMHS within its scope.
It is vital that councils and NHS commissioners prioritise funding comprehensive CAMHS services as they begin to set their budgets for next year, to avoid deepening the potential damage that further cuts could cause to children and young people's mental health.