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CAMLCollaborative Application Markup Language
CAMLCategorical Abstract Machine Language
CAMLCensus of Antarctic Marine Life
CAMLCategorical Abstract Machine Language (developed by Institut National de Recherché en Informatique et en Automatique)
CAMLCalcium-Modulating Cyclophilin Ligand
CAMLCargo Aircraft Mine Laying
CAMLComputational Acoustics Modeling Lab
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Altogether, CAML revealed that Antarctica is a single bioregion united by the Antarctic Circumpolar Current.
Our first implementation of an exception analyzer for Objective Caml was indeed based on control-flow analysis: O-CFA initially, then polymorphic splitting [Jagannathan and Wright 1998].
We will use CAML model (for Crashing, Asynchronous, Memoryless, and Lossy) to denote the combination of a asynchronous protocol subject to crash failures, that has no access to NVRAM, and works over unreliable FIFO links.
The first four languages studied, Java, Limbo, Objective Caml, and Obliq, are general-purpose languages, intended for general application development.
Our constitution states that either the CAML Review Editor or the Webmaster is the Communications Officer; Cathy has ably filled this position for many years and we owe her a large vote of thanks for her contributions to the work of the CAML Board.
We measured several publicly available Objective Caml programs, amounting to about 160,000 lines of code plus about 30,000 lines in interface files.
The Canadian Association of Music Libraries, Archives, and Documentation Centres/Association Canadienne des Bibliotheques, Archives et Centres de Documentation Musicaux (CAML/ACBM) publishes CAML Review (three per year).
For example, the CAML language contains an evaluation function eval_syntax : ML [right arrow] dynamic which compiles and evaluates an arbitrary CAML abstract syntax tree.
The CAML First-Time Conference Presenter Award went to Sophie Rondeau; her paper was titled "The Sounds Inside the Library Walls: An Examination of Three National Library Digital Sound Recording Collections," and it will be published in a future issue of the CAML Review.
Compressed air is also used to power the CAML family of loaders and evacuators.