CAMMCouncil of American Maritime Museums
CAMMCenter for the Accelerated Maturation of Materials (Ohio State University)
CAMMComputer-Assisted Material Management
CAMMComputer-Aided Molecular Modeling
CAMMComputer-Aided Manufacturing Management (Centec)
CAMMCumulative Atomic Multipole Moment
CAMMCannon Artillery Mortar Munitions (US Army)
CAMMComputer-Aided Manufacturing Machine
CAMMCollection & Analysis Mission Management
CAMMChicagoland Area Modern Mopars (car club)
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The announcement follows the successful September 2013 test by Lockheed Martin and MBDA of the first launch of a CAMM from the MK 41 VLS using the host variant of the ExLS.
CAMM is the Contracts Administration and Materials Management Department within OCTA.
We also look forward to the Intrepid being the location for many of our employee volunteer and community relations programs, such as CAMM activities and events run by our VetNet group.
Joining the CAMM is an important next step for UniPixel as we continue to develop our conductor patterning capabilities for our Opcuity film technology and the industry," noted Reed Killion, President and CEO of UniPixel.
On the CAMM website, customers can share how they've connected young people in their lives to STEM by writing a brief essay and uploading a related photo.
Instructions:Only quotes submitted via CAMM Net will be accepted.
With the sub-Angstrom imaging of the Titan, researchers at Ohio State's CAMM labs will have a greatly enhanced ability to make new discoveries on the structure-property relationships of a wide spectrum of materials.
To initiate a R2R prototype manufacturing line for the production of electronic components and products at the CAMM, the USDC will provide a Model 6600 lithography system from Azores Corp.
For updates on the Time Warner Cable It Ain't Rocket Science Giveaway, follow CAMM on Facebook and Twitter (hashtag #itaintrocketscience).
The test used MBDA s soft vertical launch technology to eject the CAMM from its canister and position the missile for main motor ignition.
Geared toward middle school students, this year's CAMM Week curriculum gives young people the opportunity to explore and experience the technologies behind the wireless products they encounter every day.