CAMMSComputer Aided Music Mixing System
CAMMSCondensed Army Mobility Modeling System
CAMMSComputer-Assisted Map Maneuver Simulation
CAMMSCommand Anywhere Mobile Mesh Software (Global Mesh Technologies)
CAMMSCombined Arms Multi-Purpose Missile System
CAMMSCommon Assessment Method Standards and Specifications (EU)
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Understanding that many organisations are struggling to manage calls for increased global operational efficiency and reduced costs, and new government regulations and compliance mandates, CAMMS has united with industry expert Greg Goodman to address integrated GRC, the hot topic of the new age.
By empowering organisations with best practice methodology CAMMS products offers proven ROI in terms of increased performance and efficiency.
Once fans have chosen two tracks to mix, CAMMS reads the songs and finds sections of each track, which are suitable for mixing.
The CAMMS software performed the detailed mission planning, assigning each vehicle specific flight profiles to cooperatively execute the tasks in the most efficient way.
CAMMS GRC integrates the core elements of a governance, risk and compliance framework and strategy execution into a single software solution.
Through a partnership between CAMMS and LG Professionals New South Wales, Gwydir Shire Council was introduced to RevuMap to combat the challenge of accurately profiling, costing and communicating service levels throughout the organisation.
Datastream, MP2, and R5 CAMMS are registered trademarks of Datastream Systems, Inc.
Carefully molded throughout years of close collaboration with Local Government in NZ, CAMMS Enterprise Performance Management and Business Intelligence suite empowers councils to simplify strategic alignment, integrate planning, set staff accountability and create powerful reports.
R5 CAMMS is an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system for asset intensive and safety critical operations.
CAMMS also demonstrated how its Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Business Intelligence (BI) suite caters to the demanding needs of businesses in the region.
Robert Ford, DFRS Head of Corporate Planning says, "We have used CAMMS SYCLE successfully to strengthen and broaden our planning, performance, risk and projects approaches and it is now central to our way of working.