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CAMOSCerebellar Ataxia with Mental Retardation, Optic Atrophy, and Skin Abnormalities
CAMOSCommittee for the Analysis of Military Operations and Strategy
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Remington manufactures several shotguns in camo including their Model 870, Model SP-l0 Magnum, Model 1100 (Youth Turkey), and their new Model 11-87 SPS-T Super Mag Camo.
Beretta's camo shotguns included the new A391 Xtrema 3.
The CAMO activities can include keeping track of all necessary maintenance checks or following up on and implementing regulatory requirements.
One new camo technology in the Popular Science article is simultaneous camo stealth, in which multispectral countermeasures are simultaneously deployed for manned and unmanned vehicles, equipment, hardware, and weapons, for maximum tactical advantage.
Camo, a multibillion-dollar business, will make huge gains in 2012," Cincotti said, "because it will mark a turning point in how camo is designed and made.
Cincotti noted that the operation against Osama bin Laden, and others like it, are the kind of SOF missions that would benefit from the Photo-Stealth(TM) camo and the CamoScience(TM) app.
As MW R&D president, Cincotti is credited with creating Photographic Camouflage, camera-derived camo design that is an orders-of-magnitude advance over paint and pattern concealment.