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Detroit Camper & RV Show at Novi, Novi, Novi Expo Center, Oct.
Camper was assistant counsel at the Investment Company Institute from 1999 to 2001, where she advised mutual fund companies on tax-related legislation and regulations.
Located in southeastern Wisconsin, it serves campers from three different ethnic neighborhoods in Chicago: Pilsen, West Town, and Humboldt Park.
The camper population grew quickly and the demand was strong enough to allow us to have tuition comparable to private camps.
Forty-two percent of the camps generated between 1-49 camper weeks through this type of support while 23 percent said they generated 50-199 supported camper weeks.
Taught in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, ACE campers are placed in small classes, loosely based upon age and experience.
Have a camper say to the excluder, "did I do something to upset you?
As the cabin group comes together, campers go through an "orientation" characterized by testing.
Whether through a precamp phone call, a new camper/returning camper buddy system, or other mechanism, camps must design a program wherein new campers feel immediately connected to their peers and surrogate caregivers.
Help the camper clarify his or her feelings with brief, reflective statements that echo the camper's own words and emotional state, like "It sounds like it's been a very hard time for you.
You (the camp) want families who understand the camp's many benefits and who also understand the camper's personal responsibilities, and the activities, risks, dangers, and inconveniences to which the camper may be exposed.
The instrument that was used for this study was a self-administered questionnaire that focused on the factors that influenced a parents' decision to select Camp Henry as well as the camper benefits that were most important to parents.