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CAMPFIRECommunal Areas Management Programme for Indigenous Resources
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That includes keeping campfires small and in an area that has been cleared down to mineral soil, never leaving a campfire unattended and extinguishing campfires before leaving, even if a camper plans to be gone only a few minutes.
Forget campfire ghost stories - you don't want your little ones having nightmares.
Campfire Films was founded in 2005 by filmmaker Kyle Leydier with the intention of producing compelling, thought-provoking and entertaining stories through film.
Be transported by the tales, by the glow of the sunset and the smell of the campfire and ignite your imagination as you rediscover the traditional art of storytelling.
We all sat round the campfire and got nails painted and hair braided.
Carefully hold over a campfire or gas stove, turning slowly, until toasted.
The current issue of The Beano features Dennis the Menace and Kit Le Froy, a National Trust kids' councillor and ambassador for cooking on a campfire, cooking in the outdoors at Stackpole.
Most campsites, however, allow you to have a campfire.
Campfire Wheat was served at the Big Texas Beer Fest and LA Beer Fest on April 6, and will be poured at the San Francisco Int'l Beer Fest on April 27, and American Beer Classic in Chicago on May 11.
THE Duchess of Cambridge stayed true to the Scout motto of "Be Prepared" as she mucked in around the campfire at an activity centre for youngsters in the snow-bound Lake District.
BASED COMPANY has introduced one of the company's biggest innovations since the creation of the firelog: Duraflame Campfire Roasting Logs.
Washington, Oct 11 (ANI): Ashton Kutcher decided to make amends for cheating on his love, Demi Moore by reuniting for a campfire counselling during the weekend.