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CAMPSChrist As My Personal Savior (Catholic summer camp)
CAMPSConsolidated Air Mobility Planning System
CAMPSComputer Aided Mission Planning System
CAMPSComputer-Assisted Message Processing System (NATO)
CAMPSCentralized Automated Military Pay System
CAMPSCombined Air Mobility Planning System
CAMPSNATO Computer Messaging System
CAMPSComputer-Assisted Mission Planning System
CAMPSCompartmented ASAS Message Processing System
CAMPSClaims Administrative Management Processing System
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He never played and gambolled about with the other puppies of the camp.
He learned to sneak about camp, to be crafty, to know what was going on everywhere, to see and to hear everything and to reason accordingly, and successfully to devise ways and means of avoiding his implacable persecutor.
The conference ended, Fontenelle sent a Delaware Indian of his party to conduct fifteen of the Blackfeet to the camp of Captain Bonneville.
Camp might give when he had been placed in possession of the facts.
The following day had scarce dawned, when a troop of these wild mountain scamperers came galloping with whoops and yells into the camp, bringing an invitation from their chief for the white men to visit him.
Thus, before the first hint of the coming of gray day, camp was broken, sled loaded, dogs harnessed, and the two men crouched waiting over the fire.
Morison Baynes entered the camp to be greeted by Hanson, Korak slipped noiselessly into a near-by tree.
I think that the thing can be accomplished, for I was a guest of the raider's before I knew the nature of the man, and those at the camp are not aware that I turned against him when I discovered his villainy.
All this time the camp had had no sight of Sheeta, or Akut and the other great apes, though Tarzan had sometimes met them in the jungle as he hunted.
But, touching what you say of the river, we can take heed that we shall not have it at the back of us, for the prince hath now advanced to Salvatierra, and thence to Vittoria, so that if we come upon their camp from the further side we can make good our retreat.
Oh, it is really too late," said Count Orlov, looking at the camp.
The camp was at last completed, and on a Saturday afternoon all the heavier articles from the ship had been transported to it.