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CAMPSChrist As My Personal Savior (Catholic summer camp)
CAMPSConsolidated Air Mobility Planning System
CAMPSComputer Aided Mission Planning System
CAMPSComputer-Assisted Message Processing System (NATO)
CAMPSCentralized Automated Military Pay System
CAMPSCombined Air Mobility Planning System
CAMPSNATO Computer Messaging System
CAMPSComputer-Assisted Mission Planning System
CAMPSCompartmented ASAS Message Processing System
CAMPSClaims Administrative Management Processing System
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The stranger and white maiden that come into my camp together?
As they did not mix with the immigrant women--Miss Jessie's good-natured intrusion into one of their half-nomadic camps one day having been met with rudeness and suspicion--they gradually fell into the way of trusting the responsibility of new acquaintances to the hands of their original hosts, and of consulting them in the matter of local recreation.
They were in the towns in harvest time, near the lumber camps in the winter, in the cities when the men came there; if a regiment were encamped, or a railroad or canal being made, or a great exposition getting ready, the crowd of women were on hand, living in shanties or saloons or tenement rooms, sometimes eight or ten of them together.
The one who had had the northern outlook reported a camp in sight, but visible with the glass only.
We went into camp on that wild spot to which that ram had brought us.
He very much preferred the camp life, and hated those broad, flat roads, with the daily grubbing for grass in the forage reserve, and the long hours when there was nothing to do except to watch Kala Nag fidgeting in his pickets.
Dying of hunger, thirst, fatigue, and want of sleep, these unfortunates reached a shore where they saw before them wood, provisions, innumerable camp equipages, and carriages,--in short a whole town at their service.
In the middle of the afternoon we sighted the scarlet and yellow towers of Helium, and a short time later a great fleet of Zodangan battleships rose from the camps of the besiegers without the city, and advanced to meet us.
Whatever he may be called in history, he was known in camps and on the battlefield under the nickname of Old Blood-and-Thunder.
for my own part I am greatly moved to pass through the camps of the Achaeans and go to their ships.
Ploughs were in motion, wherever those useful implements could be used, and the smokes of the sugar- camps were no longer seen issuing from the woods of maple.
I entertain nothing but the profoundest respect for the king; and if I have been impolite, which might be excused by my long sojourn in camps and barracks, your majesty is too much above me to be offended at a word that innocently escapes from a soldier.