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CAMPUSComputer Aided Material Preselection by Uniform Standards (plastics industry material information system)
CAMPUSContext-Aware Adaptation Mechanisms for Pervasive and Ubiquitous Services (workshop)
CAMPUSCenter for Adventist Ministry to Public University Students (Ann Arbor, MI)
CAMPUSCoopération avec l'Afrique et Madagascar pour la Promotion Universitaire et Scientifique (French: Cooperation with Africa and Madagascar for Academic and Scientific Promotion)
CAMPUSCenter Automated Manpower & Project Update System
CAMPUSCollege Achievement A Minority Program for Unique Students
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The grand opening of California State University, Channel Islands, will begin at noon today on the central lawn of the new campus, located at One University Drive in Camarillo.
Our partnership with CSO Research pulls a key institutional service offering into the core of the community through integration with our Web portal, Jenzabar's Internet Campus Solution.
Salas wanted to cut through the media clutter on campus and get students' attention.
The location of the campus is of critical importance.
College officials said much of the Lancaster campus is aging, and it lacks lab, library and office space.
With the Kauffman Entrepreneurial Campus at NYU, we have an unprecedented opportunity to bridge the gap between replicative entrepreneurship--the creation of new enterprise that duplicates an abundance of preexistent establishments--and innovative and social entrepreneurship--which are critical for economic growth and the reduction of social ills, but for which no teaching program whose effectiveness is based on evidence currently exists," said Professor Baumol.
Community colleges want their students to stay on campus before and after class.
Within the next few years, campus officials plan to house up to 700 students in two dormitories on the northeast side of campus, between the main parking lot and the women's softball field.
We originally brought Flexcar on campus to help us reduce the number of cars on campus while at the same time give our faculty, staff and older students a convenient transportation option," said David Allen, director of transportation services at the University of Maryland.
Today's young adults have grown up with Starbucks and other companies that make food a community experience, notes Naala Royale, vice president of Marketing for Aramark Campus Services.
For many students such as Jose Sanchez, a 31-year-old math major from Ventura Community College, the new campus means access to a four-year institution.
Dan has complete and total command of all facets of the student housing business," said David Adelman, president and chief executive officer of Campus Apartments.
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