CAMRClean Air Mercury Rule
CAMRCoalition for the Advancement of Medical Research
CAMRCentre for Applied Microbiology and Research
CAMRColin Archer Memorial Race (Netherlands to Norway sailing race)
CamRChloramphenicol Resistance (gene)
CAMRCisco Access Metro Router
CAMRChorioathetosis with Mental Retardation and Abnormal Behavior
CAMRCenter for Alternative Medicine and Research and Education (Harvard Medical School; also seen as CAMRE)
CAMRCenteralized Autonomous Message Reporting (Alcatel)
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CAMR also didn't address emissions of hazardous air pollutants
source categories, as it attempted to do in the 2005 CAMR, (87) but this
21) Both bills are intended to facilitate the issuing of compulsory licenses by simplifying the conditions and requirements provided in the original CAMR (see Appendix 1).
To be sure, CAMR was created not as a genuine public health effort, but as a Prime Minister's vanity project.
The CAMR was established by the Jean Chretien Pledge to Africa Act, 2004 S.
Coalition for Advancement of Medical Research, "National Poll Shows Strong Support for Stem Cell and Therapeutic Cloning Research" (2005), online: CAMR News, <http://www.
Biosafety Investigation Unit, CAMR, Efficacy of a C[O.
It is true that in the study of Steubenville, Ohio, published after the CAMR was promulgated, Keeler (2006) found a much higher percentage of local and regional deposition (70% of the mercury wet deposition, not 80-90%), but this is an estimate of deposition at a single point and cannot be extrapolated to the entire country.
In the absence of federal support for and oversight of this type of research, CAMR is pleased that institutions like Harvard have taken the necessary steps to ensure that therapeutic cloning research happens in a manner fully consistent with the ethics and scientific standards in place for all research involving human subjects and tissues," CAMR President Sean Tipton said in a statement.
The three hermetically sealed centrifugal pumps that now offer nominal pressures up to 40 bar are the CNF, CAM and CAMR models.
But the only research CAMR seeks to advance concerns embryos; indeed, it's the nation's largest ESC lobbying group.