CAMVCauliflower Mosaic Virus
CAMVConservative Alliance Matanitu Vanua (Fiji political party)
CAMVChamber Alliance of the Mohawk Valley (New York)
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The CAMV (Conservative Alliance Party) met with us yesterday and there has been no follow up meeting today.
One promoter results in constitutive gene expression (activity in most tissues) at a very high level (believed equal to or better than the CAMV 35S promoter, which is the current industry standard).
The agglomeration community of Mount Valerian (CaMV) wishes to enlist the skills of a wizard with project management in order to - Update the sewerage master plan of the territory of Suresnes (lot # 1)- To carry out a diagnostic study of the operation of sewerage systems and produce a development plan of sewerage works of the CAMV - territory of Rueil-Malmaison (lot # 2) in accordance with the Code of Environment and regulations.