CAMVAPCanadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Program
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CAMVAP is available to any consumer who owns or leases a new or used vehicle, provided that
the consumer was the registered owner of the vehicle when the dispute arose, and continues to own the vehicle during the arbitration process (or -- if the consumer is the only driver of a leased vehicle, the lease contract is for 12 months or more, and the lessor has agreed to use CAMVAP arbitration)
If the dispute is currently before a court, the consumer must agree to drop the court action in order to become eligible for CAMVAP
the vehicle was not built for the Canadian market (unless the manufacturer agrees to CAMVAP arbitration)
CAMVAP arbitration hearings take place in a friendly atmosphere, often with only three people -- the consumer, the manufacturer's representative and the arbitrator -- seated around a table.
While there are some formalities, a CAMVAP hearing is much less intimidating than going to court.
If a consumer so wishes, CAMVAP will arrange for an interpreter to translate; however, the cost of this service in the case of languages other than English and French is the consumer's responsibility.
CAMVAP respects and protects the consumer's privacy.
Before deciding to use CAMVAP, consumers need to bear in mind that once the CAMVAP arbitrator has made a decision, that decision is final.
The CAMVAP arbitration process is absolutely free, with no cost to the consumer.
Consumers who believe they are eligible and who would like to use the CAMVAP arbitration process should first try to resolve the dispute with their dealer.
Consumers must follow these steps before contacting CAMVAP.