CANACARCámara Nacional del Autotransporte de Carga (Mexico)
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A small number found their Mexican partner through other carriers (n = 3) or through the ATA or Mexico's trucking association, CANACAR (n = 1).
CANACAR said the Calderon government should have taken a tougher negotiating stance to allow more truckers access to US highways instead of simply taking the opportunity to repair trade relations with the US.
Still, CANACAR president Jose Refugio Munoz said the program only shows a "good intention" if US and Mexican authorities cannot resolve a much larger problem, which is the amount of time it takes for cargo to cross the border into the US.
While CANACAR strongly supported the initiative, most other private business organizations expressed strong reservations about the bill.
CANACAR also threatened to call for a nationwide transportation strike if Fox decides to allow US trucks greater access to Mexico, as he has hinted.
But CANACAR, the Confederacion Nacional de Autotransporte de Mexico (CONATRAM), and other organizations later questioned the inequities in the US law, which will apply tougher restrictions on Mexican drivers than on US and Canadian counterparts.
By seeking a cancellation of this section of NAFTA, Mexico could block all US trucks from entering into the country, CANACAR officials said.
CANACAR said these guidelines are discriminatory because they are not applied to US and Canadian truck drivers.
But Quintanilla said CANACAR would offer a more detailed response after officials from the organization have reviewed the new US guidelines with Derbez and Communications Secretary Pedro Cerisola.
35 billion to modernize its aging fleet, which on average is about 16 years old, CANACAR president Miguel Quintanilla Rebollar recently told reporters.