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CANADARMCanada Arm (robotic arm of space shuttles and Alpha space station)
CANADARMCanada Remote Manipulator
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corn reports, Canadarm 2 is "strong enough to snatch one of NASA's winged spaceships out of orbit and then dock it to the International Space Station.
The Canadarm is a symbol of our country's ingenuity and expertise in space robotics.
Having patented this technology around the world, Baiden says it could eventually allow for the operation of space tools such as the Canadarm from the Earth's surface.
3 billion deal would have handed over to ATK ownership of the iconic Canadarm and Canada's remote sensing radar satellite RADARSAT-2, a satellite that can take very high resolution images of any place on Earth through clouds or even at night.
Canadarm 2, which is used on the International Space Station, is even larger and stronger and features a robotic hand that can do precision work.
This activity, which was coordinated by Brian Newbold, FCIC, coincided with NSTW events (including the Canadarm which was on display in the science building) and more than 3,400 people had the chance to see it.
Haythornthwaite had wide-ranging responsibilities in Reliability and Failure Analysis for high-reliability and space programs, including the Canadian Space Station Program, Canadarm, Radarsat and the TAT9 Submarine Cable projects.
Baiden, an engineering professor, is a gatherer of sorts and has managed to fill trailers with equipment parts and machinery, including the Canadarm, a space shuttle remote controlled grabbing device that has placed satellites into orbit and recovered malfunctioned ones.
In space research, the Canadarm robotic arm uses a mechanism that works like the human hand to place satellites into their proper orbit, among other functions.
Oh yes, we know that Bombardier invented the snowmobile, Spar Aerospace's Canadarm on the space shuttle is world famous and that John Polanyi won a Nobel prize, but these and other accomplishments not withstanding, there remains an air of disbelief that Canadians can beat or lead the world in technical fields.
1 in 2002, the displays are used as a visual reference to control the station's sophisticated robot arm, also known as the Canadarm used aboard space shuttles.
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