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CANAMCaisse Nationale d'Assurance Maladie des Professions Indépendantes
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Since 1961, Canam Group has specialized in designing construction solutions and fabricating customized products.
As per Mr Marc Dutil CEO of Canam, It s an up and down business.
Components delivered by Canam will go towards the construction of a replacement ramp and overpass on Montreal's Turcot Interchange and an interim bypass bridge that's part of the project to replace the Nun's Island Bridge close to the Champlain Bridge.
WHO SUPPLIES WHICH KINDS OF DRYERS Compressed Hot Compressed Air with Supplier Air Desiccant Air Membrane Vacuum AEC X X X X Bry-Air X Cactus X Canam X Colortronic X X X X Comet Automation X X X Conair X X Dri-Air X X Fasti USA X Foremost X X X X IMS X X * * Labotek X L-R Systems X X Maguire X Matsui X X X X X Motan X X X X Novatec X X X X Process Control X X Sterling X X X X Thoreson-McCosh X X Universal Dynamics X X X Walton/Stout X X Wittmann X X X * Distributor only.
Sports' (WTS) inaugural CanAm Veterans Challenge, a two-nation, 18-day journey starting in Ottawa, Ontario and traveling 766 miles to its finishing destination in Washington, D.
CanAm Coal Corp has announced that for the first half of 2013, revenue, EBITDA from operations and loss amounted to USD 29.
TOLEDO, Ohio -- Binswanger has been named exclusive agent by Canam Steel Corp.
The major fabricator of steel components in North America, Canam, is pleased to announce that its Structural-Bridges division has secured two contracts worth around $60 million for bridges in Newfoundland and Labrador and in Massachusetts.
SAINT-GEORGES, QC, April 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ - Structal-Bridges, a division of Canam Group Inc.
He is currently President and Chief Executive Officer of CanAm Corporation, an investor in the coal, iron ore, and steel industries.
Jos' leadership skills and operational excellence are proven both at CanAm and in his previous roles at IBM and PwC.