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CANARConsortia of Administrators for Native American Rehabilitation
CANARCustomers Are Not Always Right
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She began working in the office three days a wee the jo Ken happy hersel - one Canar 16-yea I had every "I a and sh had d her bil but sti out h make so far.
In addition to investments in Egypt and Nigeria, the United Arab Emirates' telecommunications giant Etisalat has built sizeable stakes in Atlantique Telecom, which operates in about six countries in West Africa, as well as Tanzania's Zantel and Sudanese fixed line operator Canar.
PNN On Friday 28th December, 100 Jewish settlers,under the protection of Israeli forces,raided Ein Canar area in Durah village, southwest of Hebron in the West Bank.
People with mental illness stigma may perceive people with serious mental disorders as irresponsible and incapable of making good life choices, or they may believe that people with serious mental illness are "childlike" and cannot take care of themselves (Holmes, Corrigan, Williams, Canar, & Kubiak, 1999, p.
During the year, the corporation acquired new shares in Atlantic Telecom which operates in seven countries in West Africa, and acquired additional shares in Zanzibar Telecom Ltd (ZANTEL in Tanzania), and in Sudan-based Canar Telecommunications Company Ltd.
Mohammed Bouhelal, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Canar Telecom, Sudan
Under the historic deal, Etisalat UAE and its subsidiaries, Mobily, Etisalat Misr, Etisalat Afghanistan, Etisalat Nigeria, Swan Telecom, Canar, Zantel, PTCL, Excelcomindo and Atlantic Telecom (Moov) and Etisalat subsidiary in Iran, will be named Official Telecoms Partner of FC Barcelona (BarE*a) in their respective countries.
DUBAI: Emirates Telecommunications Corporation (Etisalat), the second-biggest Arab telecom firm by market value, said yesterday it took control of Sudan's Canar Telecommunications Company Limited by almost doubling its stake to 82 per cent.
The measure, announced late the night before, suspended constitutional rights to public assembly and gave police and the military broad powers to impose curfews and make arrests in Chimborazo, Cotopaxi, Imbabura, and Canar provinces, as well as the towns of Tabacundo and Cayambe.
Holotype male, Rio Yanayacu, Canar, Ecuador, 2[degrees]27'S, 79[degrees]17'W, 22 September 1984, E Man Ging (MECN).
Oregon-based journalist and photographer Blankenship had already spent two years freelancing in the Canar province in southern Ecuador, but actually got grant funding for the year 2000-01.
Filterfresh has also doubled its presence in Richmond, VA with the acquisition of Canar Coffee, a prominent coffee services operation that has been in business more than 40 years.