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CANARIECanadian Network for the Advancement of Research Industry and Education
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We are pleased that CANARIE is once again at the forefront of network innovation and excited about what this will mean to the hundreds of universities, colleges and to the thousands of educators and researchers at those institutions who use CA*net 3 daily," said Bill St.
CANARIE will be deploying a proof-of-concept wavelength optical disk drive on its CA net 3 network over the next few months.
By committing resources to this project, Novell and Dell are making a valuable contribution to the development of advanced caching techniques that take full advantage of the speed of our CA*net 3 network," said Andrew Bjerring, president and CEO of CANARIE Inc.
Both summits addressed multiple areas of study and research where a close working relationship between Canada and California will result in enormous innovation, and we're very excited at the prospect of working with CANARIE to enable that.
Spanning across Canada from Victoria, BC to St John s, NL - CANARIE s network connects more than 89 universities, 101 colleges, 47 CEGEPS, 127 provincial and federal government labs and research parks, 62 hospitals and health networks, 24 cultural institutions, thousands of K-12 schools, 12 provincial and territorial optical network partners, and more than 100 international peer networks in 80 countries.
Our demonstration with Ciena showcases the value of our technology investments and 100G capabilities, as it proves CANARIE's network to be a flexible platform supporting researchers, educators and innovators across Canada working to improve our health, our economy, our environment and our future," said Jim Roche, president and CEO of CANARIE.
SGI chose to conduct this long-distance trial using the CANARIE network because of its excellent high-bandwidth optical infrastructure and support along with on-going industrial?
a facilities-based provider of metropolitan data transport services, announced today that CANARIE, Canada's advanced Internet organization, a not-for-profit corporation that facilitates the development and use of next-generation research networks and the applications and services that run on them, selected Looking Glass to provide dark fiber services to support networks which are central to international innovations in research and education.
Moreover, CANARIE has been able to reduce networking costs with deploying MX features like virtual routing, which improves network utilization.
CANARIE designs and delivers digital infrastructure, and drives its adoption for Canada's research, education and innovation communities.
The Canaries had won seven of their eight home matches this season while the Bantams had lost six of their last seven away.
The Canaries took a deserved lead on the half hour.