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This search was executed using the combined MEDLINE, HEALTH, AIDSLINE, CANCERLIT file.
By providing CANCERLIT for no charge, HealthGate has made a major leap forward in demonstrating the utility of the Web as a significant tool in the delivery of medical information to both physicians and patients," said Reece.
With PaperChase users can search four databases simultaneously -- MEDLINE, HealthSTAR, AIDSLINE and CANCERLIT -- without having to know medical subject headings or a command search language.
has announced that the CANCERLIT database is now available free of charge via HealthGate's World Wide Web information service at http://www.
For example, instead of providing information on cancer through the CANCERLIT database, MEDIS provides a full-text library on cancer.
The MedGate Access Plan and the Transaction Access Plan provide users with information from the specialized databases including: MEDLINE, AIDSLINE, AIDSDRUGS, AIDSTRIALS, BIOETHICSLINE, Health Planning and Administration (HEALTH), MDX Health Digest, CANCERLIT and the Drug Information Handbook.
In addition to the clinical reference library, physicians will have access to enhanced MDC MEDLINE, as well as AIDSLINE, HEALTH-STAR, and CANCERLIT.
Unique to the World Wide Web, HealthGate offers immediate entry to a collection of 11 databases such as: MEDLINE, a leading provider of medical and healthcare information; AIDSLINE, a comprehensive catalogue of AIDS related articles and research; CANCERLIT, a comprehensive database of cancer related journals, government reports and monographs; and MDX Health Digest, containing references to consumer health articles from over 200 publications.
Accessing accurate and new information has become critical to effectively taking care of patients, and clinicians are relying more and more on computer-based information programs such as AIDSLINE, CANCERLIT, MEDLINE, ONCOLINK, and the Internet to gain this information.
Aries Systems publishes many CD-ROM medical reference databases, including the MEDLINE, HEALTH and AIDSLINE databases from the National Library of Medicine, and CANCERLIT from the National Cancer Institute.