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CANDCanadian Association of Numismatic Dealers (Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada)
CANDClean Air Nonroad Diesel (emissions control; US EPA)
CANDComplexity and Nonlinear Dynamics
CANDComplete Axillary Node Dissection
CANDChronic Alcoholic Nervous Disease
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Se spune ca ar fi foarte greu in practica sa se recunoasca cand este si cand nu este leziune si care este valoarea leziunii, deoarece orice lucru pe langa valoarea sa curenta, obiectiva are si o valoare subiectiva, care variaza in raport cu dorinta si nevoile fiecaruia" (3).
In tarile dezvoltate si industrializate (SUA, Anglia, Italia) ca si in cateva economii cu piata emergenta din Europa, recesiunea se va termina in cativa ani, pe cand in economiile avansate (Australia, China, Japonia) redresarea va fi mult mai usoara.
It's a great source of Vitamin Cand fibre and its pink or red flesh contains the antioxidant lycopene.
Runner-up was another angler who does well at the venue, Cardiff plumber Richard Cand y.
And, if you are able to remove most of the paint with Peel-Away, for instance, you will probably have to finish up with one of the semi-paste removers, in order to get into those nooks cand crannies.
The Company's name change will become official on July 1st, 2005, with the Company switching NASDAQ ticker symbols from CAND to ICON on the same day.
Ar trebui sa adaugam imediat ca respectivele teorii siau dovedit limitele atunci cand au fost transpuse in Europa rasariteana (7).
Notice to Investors of ALYD, CAND, and MXG Concerning Shareholder Lawsuits By
Notice to Investors of ALYD, CAND, MXG and AIRB Concerning Shareholder
Notice to Investors of ALYD, PZN, CCA, CAND and AIRB Concerning Shareholder