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CANDELCanadian Delegation
CANDELCanadian Committee on the Dynamics and Evolution of the Lithosphere
CANDELCentral and East London Comprehensive Local Research Network (NIHR Comprehensive Clinical Research Network)
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Nether do men light a candel, and put it under a bushel.
Kroef, Kyknos, La Doria, La Sirena, Laiteries Reunies, Langada, Langnese Iglo, Lannen Tehtaat, Larios Conservas, Larsen, Laveda, Lea Vital, Lega, Legum'land, Lembcke, Leventis, Lima, Linea Verde, Lion Capital, Locud, Lomco, Lorca Maria Rosa, Lorcy, Lorenzo Carrasco, Los Santos, Lozano, Lunor, Lutece, Madreita, Maheso Gedesco, Manuel Candel, Marcilla, Marti-navarro, Martin Mathew, Maximino Moreno, McCain, Med.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Filter Candel For Filteration Of Water
Photosynthetic and physiological responses of Kandelia candel L.
This strain was isolated from leaves of the mangrove species, Kandelia candel, collected in China.
Club doctor Jorge Candel injected the squad with a mixture of iron, vitamins and minerals to help combat fatigue.
Marye to Godde in that feest offird a candel bright,/The whilk Seinte Symeon cald thus: 'revelacioune of/folkes light.