CANDISCCycling Around North Dakota In Sakakawea Country
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Transformed values for each species for every census interval of every treatment were analyzed by CDA using the CANDISC procedure in SAS (SAS Institute 1987).
In addition, discriminant function analysis (DFA) with SAS procedures CANDISC, STEPDISC, and DISCRIM (SAS 1985) was used to determine which linear combination of habitat variables best discriminated among nest-box grid rows.
Discriminant functions necessary (CAN) for separating age groups, and determination of their relative importance for explaining total variation, were assessed with a canonical discriminant analysis (PROC CANDISC, SAS).
O grafico da diferenca entre os grupos e a correlacao das variaveis com a variavel canonica foi estabelecido com o uso do procedimento CANDISC do programa SAS.
The CANDISC procedure approximates the F statistic, and estimates the probabilities for Mahalanobis distance.
These analyses were performed with the PROC CANDISC and PROC FASTCLUS procedures of SAS (SAS, 2000).
Second, the Mahalanobis squared distance was calculated from a canonical discriminant analysis of the original RAPD data and tested for its significance with F-tests using CANDISC procedure of SAS program (SAS Institute, 1996).
For each of the three groups (core, PI selections, and checks), data for the 12 attributes or variables describing development and seed yield were used in canonical discriminate analysis using the SAS CANDISC procedure (SAS Institute, 1994).