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CANDUCANada Deuterium Uranium (Atomic Energy of Canada Limited)
CANDUCenter for Astrophysics at the University of Notre Dame (Indiana; also seen as NDCfA; aka Notre Dame Center for Astrophysics)
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This means that CANDU reactors are highly efficient burners of fissile and fertile (isotopes that can be converted to fissile isotopes) material, and all CANDU reactors operating today use natural uranium as fuel.
That's what British Energy's `Replace Nuclear With Nuclear' program is all about -- and this Agreement will allow us to develop firm proposals in time to allow us to assess whether AP1000s or CANDUs are suitable replacements for the UK's reactors.
Mexico and Canada -- including all Canadian members of the CANDU Owners Group (COG).
They requested - and paid for themselves - a feasibility study for two CANDU 6s at the PAK's site.
With more than 1,600 stores in Zhejiang province alone, CandU group's business activities in the retail sector make it one of the leading retail companies in Zhejiang region and among the top 100 chain retailers in China.
Senior Vice-President of Candu Energy Ala Alizadeh said his company had been interested in the Turkish market for many years and the agreement marked the first step of its commitment to provide Turkey with its technology, adding: "We also have the right international partners for co-operation in conducting our feasibility studies in economic, environmental, technical and financial matters which we will share with the Turkish Ministry after completing them in six months".
The government on April 20, 2012 signed a $20bn agreement with a consortium from Ontario-based Candu Energy and the state-owned power company, EUAS, to build the second nuclear power plant in Turkey.
The 750-megawatt Candu reactor is expected to produce enough electricity to power 500,000 homes.
Detailed knowledge of nuclear power plant operations allows ISEC to recommend the proper placement of video surveillance equipment based on the type of nuclear power plant (BWR, PWR, CANDU, etc.
The nation as a whole has 17 operational CANDU reactors that supply 15 per cent of all electricity in the country and more than 50 per cent of Ontario's electrical needs.
In August 1979, however, Japanese bureaucrats decided against constructing CANDUs, making Japan the only country in Asia generating electricity with nuclear power not to have at least one CANDU or CANDU-derived reactor.
Clearly the long bilateral frigidity stemming from Indian exploitation of its Canadian-supplied Candu reactor to complement their initial nuclear weapons program has ended.