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CANFCuban American National Foundation
CANFCanadian French
CANFCoalition Against No-Fault (Canada)
CANFCenter for Advanced Nuclear Fuel Cycles (US Department of Energy)
CANFCrédit Agricole Nord de France (French: North France Agricultural Bank)
CANFCircolo Autostoriche Nino Farina (Italian: Circle Historic Cars Nino Farina)
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The story is ridiculous," said Hernandez, insisting that neither Claro nor Veloz had ever belonged to the CANF or had any contact with the group.
CANF chairman Jorge Mas Santos and other exile leaders say they are moving beyond the static policy--which Powell referred to as containment.
At the beginning, CANF supported Paya as well, but that group is now trying to play both sides.
In the past, reported the Herald, CANF directors who wanted to travel to Cuba had to resign from the foundation on principle and for security reasons.
He later gave two different versions of a denial that CANF had financed his terrorist activities (see EcoCentral, 1998-03-13).
The Cuban exiles worked with us, especially groups like Junta Patriotica Cubana and the CANF," she said.
Nevertheless, the Esperanza case had the potential to seriously affect US-exile relations because of the evidence implicating CANF members.
These included the three rightist members of Congress from Florida, and Ninoska Perez-Castellon who, along with others, bolted the CANF to organize the even more conservative Cuban Liberty Council (see NotiCen, 2001-10- 25).
The defectors are pitted against CANF head Jorge Mas Santos, the son of the founder, and his advisers.
Through a rigorous examination of contemporary media, journal, and book sources on the subject, what is found is that the CANF did have some influence, although not nearly so much as popular media suggests.
USAID this summer approved the three-year grant to the Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba (FHRC), a Miami nonprofit created by CANF members, to help support civil society and democracy on the communist-ruled island.
In an open letter to President Bush sent to The Miami Herald, CANF directors demanded "an effective Cuban policy" and reminded Bush of unfulfilled promises.