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CANFCuban American National Foundation
CANFCanadian French
CANFCoalition Against No-Fault (Canada)
CANFCenter for Advanced Nuclear Fuel Cycles (US Department of Energy)
CANFCrédit Agricole Nord de France (French: North France Agricultural Bank)
CANFCircolo Autostoriche Nino Farina (Italian: Circle Historic Cars Nino Farina)
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Sounding like many in California during the Proposition 187 immigration wars, which ultimately wrought severe damage in Republican California, Garcia, who left CANF to become senior adviser in Florida to the New Democrat Network, foresees a similar fate for the GOP in the browning Sunshine State.
Dennis Hays, CANF executive vice president and head of the group's Washington office, predicted the rump group of directors would lose the "tussle" over the CANF name.
In September 1997, Cuban authorities presented evidence that Luis Posada had planned, with Mas and other CANF members, to recruit Salvadoran thugs to bomb Cuban tourist sites.
Nichols, a Penn State communications professor and a long-time professional colleague of Smith, argued in the article that when CANF received a windfall of NED grants to carry out activities it would have otherwise supported with internal funds, its associated PAC (which is funded by essentially the same pool of donors) has a greater percentage of existing funds to contribute to political campaigns.
Congressman Torricelli was persuaded by CANF largesse to sponsor the bill tightening the U.
A nonprofit public interest group founded in the early 1980s, the CANF is considered the most influential interest group from this community.
n Editor's Note clarified a point in the story The CANF held a press conference to call that note a 'retraction.
Gingrich is also popular in the Cuban community because "he wouldn't change the regulations much," said the CANF leader, who plans to meet all GOP candidates this month.
For instance, amid the anti-immigrant hysteria of the 1994 Florida gubernatorial race, CANF backed a Clinton Administration plan to set up camps at the US base at Guantanamo and in Panama to hold the flood of Cubans intercepted at sea, in exchange for get-tough policies against Castro.
USAID this summer approved the three-year grant to the Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba (FHRC), a Miami nonprofit created by CANF members, to help support civil society and democracy on the communist-ruled island.
To the rest of us, it looks like a family feud colliding with a vestigial cold war cult, as CANF and its allies turn this 6-year-old's trauma into a legal Bay of Pigs: a courtroom war that Elian's Miami handlers are almost certain to lose.