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CANISCommunity Architectures for Network Information Systems
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Another Canis Major star with a special relationship to Sirius is a 2nd-magnitude sun that's not part of the Southern Canis Triangle of Adhara, Delta ([delta]) Canis Majoris (Wezen), and Eta ([eta]) Canis Majoris (Aludra).
It is scheduled to fly again in December 2018, when it will look at Epsilon Canis Major.
Toxocara canis is more of an issue with young kids.
canis es mediante el cultivo, donde se pueden observar las caracteristicas macroscopicas (forma y color de las colonias) y microscopicas (presencia de macroconidias y microconidias) (Gueaguere, 2007).
Microsporum canis virulence factors and immunogens: first purification and characterization of a 43.
canis en los perros infectados y de las garrapatas reportadas en America.
Las manifestaciones clinicas mas frecuentes asociadas con la infeccion por Toxocara canis se clasifican de acuerdo a los organos afectados.
canis on circulating platelets or endothelial damage and platelet aggregation as suggested by Kuehn and Gaunt (1985).
Present case report of Lower respiratory tract infection caused by multi drug resistant Pasteurella canis, thus aims at drawing attention of medical fraternity to give enough weightage to this unusual human pathogen.
5%], 8 dogs with Toxocara canis [10%], 14 dogs with Toxascaris leonine [17.
First record of the coyote, Canis latrans (Carnivora: Canidae), in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.