CANMETCanada Centre for Mineral and Energy Technology
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The company noted that converting standard vehicles to meet MSHA and CANMET underground specifications involves a raft of modifications to both the fuel and electrical systems, as well as the installation of a fire suppression system.
Daniel Giguere is a technological expert at CANMET Energy Technology Centre, Varennes, Quebec, Canada.
Charles Xu, a Lakehead University chemical engineering professor, is testing fuel blends of peat and wood pellets with coal in a small burner at Ottawa's CANMET lab.
Natural Resources Canada's CANMET Energy Technology Centre is located in Devon, Alberta, and conducts research on advanced technologies for oil sands development.
When the CANMET extraction procedure was used to determine bitumen recovery for 160 oil sand samples, there was, on average, a bias in the bitumen mass balance similar to that discussed in Table 4.
The report, "Technical and Economic Feasibility Study of a Pressurized Oxyfuel Approach to Carbon Capture," by the CANMET Energy Research Centre (part of the Canadian Ministry of Natural Resources), looked at what the company calls its ThermoEnergy Integrated Power System, or TIPS, process.
The seminar was viewed as the culmination of a four-year partnership between CETEM and CANMET through a project funded by CIDA and through the Agencia Brasileira de Cooperacao, focusing on mining reclamation.
Marc Betournay, a senior scientist with Natural Resources Canada's CANMET Mining and Mineral Sciences Laboratory (MMSL).
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan-based Solar Hydrogen Energy Corporation (SHEC Labs) recently announced it has signed a "contribution agreement" with Natural Resources Canada's (NRCan) CANMET Energy Technology Center, under which the company will receive $200,000 Canadian (about $138,000 U.
The BioOil combustion testing was done at Natural Resources Canada's (NRCan) CANMET Energy Technology Centre (CETC) in Ottawa.
The C-2000 programme was devised by CANMET, the research and technology development wing of Natural Resources Canada.
Winston Revie has had a career of more than thirty years at the CANMET Materials Technology Laboratory in Ottawa, Canada, where he is a Senior Research Scientist and Program Manager.