CANMETCanada Centre for Mineral and Energy Technology
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Daniel Giguere is a technological expert at CANMET Energy Technology Centre, Varennes, Quebec, Canada.
Charles Xu, a Lakehead University chemical engineering professor, is testing fuel blends of peat and wood pellets with coal in a small burner at Ottawa's CANMET lab.
Natural Resources Canada's CANMET Energy Technology Centre is located in Devon, Alberta, and conducts research on advanced technologies for oil sands development.
Environmental Protection Agency and CANMET to design, build and operate an engineering prototype of a TIPS power system to be housed at CANMET's laboratory in Ottawa.
Marc Betournay, a senior scientist with Natural Resources Canada's CANMET Mining and Mineral Sciences Laboratory (MMSL).
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan-based Solar Hydrogen Energy Corporation (SHEC Labs) recently announced it has signed a "contribution agreement" with Natural Resources Canada's (NRCan) CANMET Energy Technology Center, under which the company will receive $200,000 Canadian (about $138,000 U.
Winston Revie has had a career of more than thirty years at the CANMET Materials Technology Laboratory in Ottawa, Canada, where he is a Senior Research Scientist and Program Manager.
The Malpaso laboratory follows the quality control methodology recommended by CANMET of Canada, such as assaying of blanks, standards, duplicate samples, and check assays by commercial laboratories such as ALS Chemex.
Characterisation of Canadian fly ashes and their performance in concrete, in CANMET Technical Report MRP/MSL 8U-137, Ottawa.
The symposium will be co-hosted by Natural Resources Canada which operates its CANMET Mining and Mineral Sciences Laboratories in Sudbury.
Hamza, "Cluster Formation during Aliphatic Solvent Froth Treatment," CANMET Division Report CWRC 03-18 (2003).