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CANNONCannon and Naptime Not Occurring Normally (Kids Next Door show)
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I cannot tell all that happened on that day, but I will tell of the last charge that we made together; it was across a valley right in front of the enemy's cannon.
and the cannon let off such a blast right before me that it made me deef with the noise and pretty near blind with the smoke, and I judged I was gone.
The brushed branches made a noise that drowned the sounds of cannon.
At the first words of the Count de Guiche, the prince, having in mind the direction whence came the sound of cannon, had understood everything.
The Legislature immediately sent out a huge quantity of paper-money, with which, as if by magic spell, the governor hoped to get possession of all the old cannon, powder and balls, rusty swords and muskets, and everything else that would be serviceable in killing Frenchmen.
This miniature cannon had been released from the rust, and being mounted on little wheels was now in a state for actual service.
sire, that concerns your majesty; it did not become me to place cannon in my own house, unless your majesty had told me it was yours.
Adventures of William Cannon and John Day With Grizzly Bears.
The houses had all been solid, dressed stone structures; most of them were ploughed through and through by cannon balls--unroofed and sliced down from eaves to foundation--and now a row of them, half a mile long, looks merely like an endless procession of battered chimneys.
But the boats were too near the mole to allow the cannon to aim correctly.
Here he dismounted, and stopped beside the farthest of the four unlimbered cannon.
From the small forward decks of the feluccas Perry's crude cannon were belching smoke, flame, thunder, and death.