CANNTCanadian Association of Nephrology Nurses and Technologists (est. 1968)
CANNTCanadian Association of Nephrology Nurses and Technicians
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CANNT Journal is always on the lookout for budding and seasoned writers who would like to submit original research papers, relevant clinical articles, innovative quality improvement initiatives, narratives describing the nursing experience, or reviews of articles or books.
CANNT membership provides you with access to our members-only section of the website.
In this edition, we have also included the abstracts that will be showcased at the CANNT annual national meeting this October in Halifax.
CANNT's national conference, CANNT 2017, provides an excellent venue for accomplishing these goals.
Back in Canada, the CANNT Nominating Committee is looking for CANNT/ACITN members to apply for open positions on the CANNT/ACITN Board of Directors.
Veuillez envoyer votre manuscrit par courriel a Jovina Bachynski a l'adresse CANNT.
I would also like to thank Anne Moulton, CANNT Past President, for her commitment and dedication to, and support of the journal.
I would like to start by thanking Anne Moulton for agreeing to extend her term as CANNT President and cover my leave of absence to travel.
We would like to thank Anne for the leadership, dedication, and support that she has provided to the journal, the CANNT Board of Directors and, of course, the CANNT members over the past two years.
The CANNT Board decides on the host city at least three years in advance.
CANNT is asking for expressions of interest for co-chairs for the 2017 CANNT National Conference in Halifax, and the 2018 CANNT National Conference in Quebec City.
Thank you, Roberta Prettie, former CANNT Past President, for your 2015 Board in Action reports.