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CANNYCommunity Accounting Network North Yorkshire (UK)
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I trow the woman's the canny string o' the twa--and we'll een try the twanging of her.
Much they learned of women in the ends of the earth, these seafaring sons, yet a canny wisdom was theirs and they never brought wives home with them.
27 (290m): Babs Stardust, Romeo Slipstream, Mollys Ronnie, Mourne Abby, Canny Agnes, Headford Simon (W).
07 (480m H/c): Blackjack Ant (13), Nowr But Bother (12), Tullylee (8), Melodys Gem (7), Canny Belter (scr), Bloodstream (scr).
Improve the Canny edge detection algorithm in terms of speed.
First, we use the Canny operator instead of the original gradient operator for calculating the gradient magnitude and orientation in each pixel.
Fr Canny then spoke of Mark's great love for his wife Terri, and jokingly recalled how j gy former manager Stephen Kenny's fitness programmes had a big impact on him.
The Canny Quest International MD Dr Hasan Alkhatib stated, Iraq is an attractive Greenfield market for innovation, and the countrys banking sector is underdeveloped, creating an opportunity for the deployment of new technology.
Canny algorithm has the ability to achieve a low error-rate by eliminating almost all non-edges and improving the localization of all identified edges [6].
Canny was unavailable for comment yesterday but local councillor Andrew Baxter said: "Obviously we would like to see work done on it as soon as possible, but it's up to the owner now.
Although Winston and the Canny Lass is a sequel, author Barry stresses that it may also be read as a standalone novel.