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CANPASSCanadian Pass (document allowing entry into Canada at remote locales)
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We have a huge tourism industry here so we really need that CANPASS.
Second, efforts are being made to speed up introduction of the CANPASS system (an automatic pass to allow electronic identification for secure Canadian travellers to return into Canada without being checked by an ICO) and its successor, the Expedited Passenger Processing System (EPPS), the technological means that allow immigration and customs officers at airports to identify pre-approved low risk travelers to create what the Canadian Minister of National Revenue in 1996, David Anderson, dubbed "a hassle-free border for honest travelers and businesses.
Iridian has experienced accelerating adoption of its technology over the past two years with installations in the Canadian CANPASS program, the US/Canada NEXUS Air program, the United Arab Emirates and other Middle Eastern countries and immigration programs in the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, Australia and Japan.
Iridian has experienced rapidly accelerating adoption of its technology over the past two years with other installations, such as Canadian CANPASS program, the US/Canada NEXUS Air immigration program, a United Nations refugee repatriation program and immigration programs in the Netherlands, the UK, Germany and Japan.
The need to biometrically secure these documents and identities is increasing as evidenced by border crossing applications now using iris recognition such as Canada's CANPASS, Schiphol airport's Privium, and Germany's Automated and Biometric-based Checks Initiative.
Noted for its speed, extremely high accuracy rates, and use of ever-cheaper and more functional digital technology, Iridian's iris recognition technology was recently chosen to support the CANPASS - Air program.
The deployment of iA-thenticate as part of the CANPASS program reflects Canada's consideration of document authentication as an integral aspect of a comprehensive security plan.
Iridian Technologies, the world leader in authentication technologies based on iris recognition, announced today that the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA) officially launched the CANPASS - Air program for travelers at Vancouver International Airport.
The renovated, multifunctional facility houses the offices of Revenue Canada's Trade Administration Services and the new CANPASS Enrolment Centre.
Vancouver South-Burnaby), today announced a pilot expansion of the CANPASS Highway program in Windsor and Fort Erie.
in New York, Price-Francis played a key role in the selection of the optical card by the Canadian government for its CANPASS airport automated border entry system and for proposed immigration and passport card applications in Canada.