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CANSComplexity and Intelligence of the Artificial and Natural Complex Systems (workshop)
CANSConference on Cryptology and Network Security
CANSComplaints of Arm, Neck and Shoulder
CANSCivilian Announcement Notification System (US Civil Service)
CANSCentral Access Network Server
CANSComputer Applications and Network Services
CANSChild Abuse and Neglect Screen
CANSCabinet Architecture for Noise Suppression (SSN 21 radio room)
CANSComprehensive Assessment of Nuclear Sustainment (US Air Force)
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There, again, she has upset a tumbler of marbles, all of which roll different ways, and each individual marble, devil-directed, into the most difficult obscurity that it can find.
She wears a white shirtwaist, which represents, perhaps, half a week's labor painting cans.
No man can sleep when he is about to undertake one of these Alpine exploits.
I may be wrong, of course; all men are liable to err in judging themselves, but I think I could make her happier than he can.
Most people fancied that a telephone system was practically the same as a gas or electric light system, which can often be duplicated with the result of cheaper rates and better service.
Poyser's attention was here diverted by the appearance of Molly, carrying a large jug, two small mugs, and four drinking- cans, all full of ale or small beer--an interesting example of the prehensile power possessed by the human hand.
How can one like and have an aversion to a person at the same time?
You haven't seen her lately, and don't realize how tiresome she can be, though so good.
And thus, though Tess kept repeating to herself, "I can never be his wife," the words were vain.
John Carter, John Carter," she sobbed, with her dear head upon my shoulder; "even now I can scarce believe the witness of my own eyes.
Some cans were filled from the holy river, some canes cut from its banks, and then we mounted and rode reluctantly away to keep from freezing to death.
Fresh cans of ale were brought, and with jest and song and merry tales the hours slipped away on fleeting wings.